Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Fast-forward into finance

Michael Wright 2009As Europe’s leaders scrambled in 2010 to shore up their shared currency and stabilize the finances of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, Michael Wright ’09 was following each new development from his office in New York City.

Wright is an analyst at Forex Capital Markets, one of the world’s top currency brokerage firms, where he tracks and forecasts the movements of exchange rates based on fundamentals—such as employment, economic activity and inflation—and technical factors like moving averages and trend lines. His analyses go to clients and get posted on Yahoo! Finance, and the investor site Seeking Alpha, as well as his company’s DailyFX.com.

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Newsmakers: Barbara Doran ’77

Barbara Doran ’77Kitchen KuffsYou are washing dishes by hand. You have pushed up your sleeves, but they keep sliding down into the suds. What to do? Barbara Doran ’77 knows. In fact, she has created a whole business that answers that question—Kuffco, LLC. Her company makes KitchenKuffs®, fashionably designed cuffs that slip over your own sleeves to hold them in place while doing dishes, cooking, gardening and the like. Her business caught the eye of MarthaStewart.com, which in April featured her on the website’s “Dreamers Into Doers” page, as a “Doer of the Week.” In a long Q&A, she talks about her business: “I came up with the idea for KitchenKuffs®, and formed Kuffco, LLC, in 2008. At the time I was, and still am, the owner (with my husband Frank) of a small advertising agency. I had left corporate America in 1995 as a vice president of marketing. I’ve long had an [Read more...]

Newsmakers: Marilyn Grifoni Belmonte ’80

Marilyn Grifoni Belmonte ’80Marilyn Grifoni Belmonte ’80 worked in medical research for 10 years after graduating from Wheaton with a bachelor’s degree in psychobiology. When her oldest daughter turned 13, she became concerned, as most parents do, about preventing the use of drugs and alcohol. So she joined her local prevention coalition. Little did she know that her volunteer work would lead to an amazing career in substance abuse prevention. From 2000 to 2005, she was a drug recognition specialist, training law enforcement officers at the Massachusetts State Police Academy, and then in 2005 she founded Drug Abuse Recognition & Prevention, to bring drug education to parents and youth professionals. Recently, her organization was awarded a mini-grant contract by [Read more...]

Newsmakers: Jeremy Weiss ’01

Imagine having a job where every day and every minute is different and the unknown can be deadly. That’s the way it is for Jeremy Weiss ’01, who is a detective assigned to the criminal investigations division in Connecticut.

“I truly have no idea what is going to happen from one minute to the next,” he says. “Within the course of an eight-hour period, I could be sitting and typing a case report one minute, and involved in a life-or-death struggle the next. It keeps me on my toes, and certainly keeps me alert.” He faced just such a life-or-death scenario this spring, which the Journal Inquirer in Connecticut captured in a photo in March.

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