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Ryan Saunders ’00 teaches the business arts

Visting instructor Ryan Saunders ’00

Visting instructor Ryan Saunders ’00, right, introduces guest speaker Peter Mello, managing director at WaterFire Providence, to students in his “Arts Administration” class this spring.

Ryan Saunders grew up singing in the Chorus of Westerly, a large intergenerational community choir based in Rhode Island. And now—many years later—he serves as the organization’s executive director.

Before landing where he began, though, Saunders followed quite a journey. He built up his credentials working in leadership roles in various arts organizations, and has successfully advocated for state funding of the arts. [Read more...]

From teacher to innovator

Sarah Mielbye ’09 talks about CommonLit with co-founder Michelle Brown in an AT&T commercial

Sarah Mielbye ’09 talks about CommonLit with co-founder Michelle Brown in an AT&T commercial

Sarah Mielbye ’09 launches literacy startup

Learning to read and love literature is a great pathway to knowledge.

Sarah Mielbye ’09, a teacher turned entrepreneur, is helping children make that journey—whether she is in the classroom or working at a startup.

Mielbye’s latest endeavor: co-founding the startup CommonLit, which provides free instructional materials to support literacy development for students in grades five through 12. [Read more...]

Keeper of the past

John Campopiano ’08 excels as archivist

John Campopiano ’08 in the “FRONTLINE” WGBH-TV tape room

John Campopiano ’08 in the “FRONTLINE” WGBH-TV tape room

A fascination for the past and the artifacts of transpired times enveloped John Campopiano ’08 at a young age.

He recalls his parents engaging in typical activities like photo taking and video recording, but they also participated in genealogical projects and supported local historical organizations as members of the Roger Williams Family Association and the Newport Historical Society.

“Material objects of importance to my family were usually saved—over generations—as were accompanying stories about their origins. I developed an understanding of myself and my place in the world through these objects and stories,” he said.

As digital records manager at “FRONTLINE”—an investigative journalism show produced by WGBH-TV, a local PBS station—Campopiano continues to devote himself to preservation.

At “FRONTLINE,” he oversees the collection, preservation of and future access to media assets associated with its films. That includes interviews, b-roll and stock footage, still photographs, appearance releases, third-party licenses and interview transcripts—as well as the complex databases that store them. [Read more...]

Connecting beyond borders

Padric Gleason ’10 facilitates U.K. business program

Padric Gleason ’10 in front of one of London’s iconic red telephone booths

Padric Gleason ’10 in front of one of London’s iconic red telephone booths

When it comes to international business, money matters—but relationships matter more.

Such is the wisdom of Padric Gleason ’10, who works at London & Partners (London’s official promotional company) in the mayor’s international business program—which helps U.K companies expand abroad.

“International business is all about people. It’s a critical asset to be able to communicate and facilitate conversations,” said Gleason, who works with 175 small companies from a variety of fields, including digital technology, life sciences and urban infrastructure.

From his New York City office, Gleason helps U.K. companies seek out business partners, forge research collaborations, open new office locations and generally secure opportunities to sell their products or services. [Read more...]