Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Class notes FAQ for alumnae/i

Q: How often can I send information for class notes?

Class notes can be submitted any time you have current or "new" news to report. Tell us about:

  • your professional accomplishments, including a new job or promotion
  • your academic achievements, including a new degree or certification
  • your personal milestones, including marriages, births and deaths

Please limit your news to events that have happened in the past year, and note that the information you send may be edited due to space limitations. We also ask that you be patient. Because of the long lead time for publication, the news you submitted may not appear for one or two issues.

Q: Where should I send my class notes updates?

Send updated news to the contact information listed in the Wheaton Quarterly for your class secretary. Or you can send e-mail to quarterly@wheatoncollege.edu and we'll make sure your class secretary receives your news.

Q: I submitted something to my class secretary, but it was never printed. What should I do?

You can try contacting your class secretary again or you can e-mail the information to quarterly@wheatoncollege.edu and we will make sure your class secretary gets the news. Because the secretaries sometimes receive more news than they can use, we can't guarantee that every bit of news will be included.

Q: How do I submit a picture for the class notes section?

Photographic prints: The Quarterly accepts all sizes of photographs, but we prefer them to be at least 4x6 inches in size. Both color and black and white prints are acceptable. Mail your photos or slides to: Wheaton Quarterly, Wheaton College, Norton, MA 02766.

Tips for sending photo prints: The photos you send to the Quarterly should be sharp and clear. Photos that are out of focus, or that have harsh shadows, over-exposed areas, or "red-eyed" subjects may not be usable.

Digital photos: To submit a digital photo, attach it to an e-mail message addressed to quarterly@wheatoncollege.edu. For complete guidelines on taking and submitting digital photos, click here.

For all photos: Please supply a brief description of the event and all the names and class years of the alumni who appear in the picture.

Often we receive more photos than we can use in any one issue. When this happens, we will select photos that represent a variety of class years and timely events.

Q: Whom do I contact to notify the college of an alumna/us or family member's death?

The college appreciates receiving notification of the death of any member of the Wheaton community. Deaths should be reported to Alumnae/I Relations at (508) 286-8207 during business hours or by e-mail at alumnaei@wheatoncollege.edu. If possible, please send a printed obituary (or reference to the obituary, if you know where it was published) or legal notice (from an estate, for instance) of the death.

If you have a personal remembrance or testimonial for a deceased classmate, you're welcome to send those to the Quarterly or your class secretary. These sentiments will be incorporated into class notes as the class secretary sees fit and as space allows.

Q: I have moved. How do I update my personal information at Wheaton?

You can report changes of address to Alumnae/i Relations at (508) 286-8207 or send e-mail to alumnae@wheatoncollege.edu. You can also update your own information through OnLyon, the college's online alumni directory. Directions for accessing OnLyon are on the Wheaton web site at www.wheatoncollege.edu/alum/.

Q: I have an idea that I think is publication-worthy. Should I submit the idea to the Quarterly?

Yes. We are always interested in your ideas for feature articles or profiles of alumnae/i. Send your suggestions to quarterly@wheatoncollege.edu.

Q: Can you help me locate a former classmate from Wheaton?

If you wish to contact a former classmate, check OnLyon at wheatoncollege.edu/alumnaei/, or contact Alumnae/i Relations at (508) 286-8207. Inquiries also may be sent by U.S. mail or by e-mail to alumnaei@wheatoncollege.edu.