Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

A family tree grows in Norton

Wheaton College ArchivesMany families have long legacies at Wheaton, with graduates from across the generations. For the Knight and Sirois family, however, their unique family history at Wheaton extends farther than most. Their ancestry of graduates goes all the way back to the earliest days of the college, and most amazingly, continues on today.

Last fall, Elizabeth Sirois ’18, and her mother, Deborah Grant Sirois, paid a visit to the archives in the Madeleine Clark Wallace Library to comb through photos and documents and discover some of their family history at the college. [Read more...]

Sally Bachelder Keil ’72 immersed in royal matters

Sally Bachelder Keil ’72You never know what lies buried beneath a parking lot. It might be the last place to look for a king.

Yet, the skeletal remains of King Richard III, the British monarch whose 26-month reign in the 15th century was the shortest in English royal history, were discovered last year buried underneath a parking lot in Leicester, England.

Unbelievably, the bones were discovered on the first day of digging. The entire exhumation was celebrated as vindication for members of the Richard III Society, a group of admirers of the much-maligned king.

Sally Bachelder Keil ’72, the membership chair of the American branch of the Richard III Society, did not expect him to be found at all, let alone so quickly.

Though reticent to admit to it, Keil played an important role in the rediscovery of the lost king’s remains. At the 11th hour, two weeks before the dig was set to commence, the organizers were short on funds, in need of more than $17,000, or the entire project would be postponed indefinitely. Having only just taken on the role of membership chair, Keil digitized the society membership information, making contact information easier to access.  [Read more...]

Vision, determination star in filmmaker’s success


Clenét Verdi-Rose made his feature film debut in 2008 directing Skyler, which won numerous awards, including for best director in the Los Angeles Art-House Film Festival.

The trailer for Sand Castles, a new film by upstart director Clenét Verdi-Rose ’04, tells just enough of the film’s painful story to make a parent’s heart and head ache: A young girl kidnapped, swept away at the squeal of tires and held captive for a decade, abruptly returns home to her dysfunctional and broken family, forever scarred by her disappearance.

It’s a somber and challenging story for a young filmmaker. However, Verdi-Rose’s commitment to the craft of filmmaking, not to mention the effusive praise of his supporters, suggested that Sand Castles would not miss the mark—long before it was screened at the Palm Beach International Film Festival in April. [Read more...]