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Business and Management Responsibility

Not business as usual

Newest major leverages liberal arts, inspires enterprising leaders

In the brightly lit Pawsmopolitan pet boutique, amid doggy birthday cookies, stuffed animals and mango-scented shampoos, five Wheaton students in the “Marketing” course gather around owner Lori Dunbar one winter afternoon to present their strategies for attracting customers.

Their client listens intently to their ideas, which include improving signage at her Norton, Mass., shop; increasing social media; and offering discounts. Later, Dunbar will dive into the carefully researched 68-page report that the students spent a semester on, employing an arsenal of skills ranging from data analysis to the use of effective communications.

Scenes like this one, featuring teams of students serving as consultants, have been playing out at businesses all over the local area since Wheaton launched its newest major, business and management, spring semester 2014.

And it’s not business as usual. [Read more...]

Entrepreneurship Club encourages startup ideas

The Entrepreneurship Club held its first-ever Social Entrepreneurship Competition. From left, Richard Davies ’17, Omar Al-Mogahed ’18, Michael Sadowsky ’18, President Dennis M. Hanno, Mary Margret Yancey ’18, Mike Caslin (a contest judge) and Sarah Alexander ’16

The Entrepreneurship Club held its first-ever Social Entrepreneurship Competition. From left, Richard Davies ’17, Omar Al-Mogahed ’18, Michael Sadowsky ’18, President Dennis M. Hanno, Mary Margret Yancey ’18, Mike Caslin (a contest judge) and Sarah Alexander ’16

Every successful entrepreneur knows that the best business begins with focusing on a problem that needs to be solved. For Wheaton sophomore Michael Sadowsky and his classmates, solving a problem not only has led them to create their own business but also to found a new club that aims to help other students start businesses that make a difference on campus and beyond.

The new Entrepreneurship Club held its first big event, the Social Entrepreneurship Business Pitch Competition, in April. All competitors were encouraged to propose ventures that address a significant social problem.

Mary Margret Yancey ’18, a sociology and business and management major who sings with The Blend, won first place with her pitch for an a cappella festival aimed at raising money for local arts and music programs. Sarah Alexander ’16, a member of the women’s volleyball team, won second for Impressions, an app that will educate people on how to dress for the business world. Richard Davies ’17, a member of the men’s swimming and diving team, also won second for his Inspired by You, which aims to encourage social change through art produced by Wheaton students, with proceeds going to charitable causes. [Read more...]

Creating a company that honors local style, gives back

BIZ Rumberger Kyle 16

Kyle Rumberger ’16, left, is co-owner of Cape Fifteen. Launched in 2015, the apparel company is named for and gets its inspiration from Cape Cod’s 15 towns. Rumberger started the company with his friend Shane MacNeill.

Kyle Rumberger ’16 grew up on Cape Cod caddying for many business people. He was always intrigued by their work and imagined someday walking the same entrepreneurial path.

“They provided me with insight over the 12 years I caddied, and business and economics were the two areas I became interested in through those experiences,” says Rumberger, who majored in business and management and economics.

This summer the Barnstable, Mass., resident returned to the Cape a businessman himself. He is the co-owner of Cape Fifteen (capefifteen.com), which he began working on as a sophomore with best friend Shane MacNeill and then officially launched in 2015. The company, which gets its name from the 15 towns that make up Cape Cod, offers locally inspired lifestyle clothing, and seeks to give back to the community by way of donations and contributions to local conservation efforts and nonprofits. [Read more...]

Little house, big opportunity

Barbara Kellner ’49 provides a place to create

Key West HouseThe three-room brown house tucked away on a side street in Key West, Fla., is tiny. But what it has offered Wheaton faculty members during the past few years and what it will offer students in the future is huge, thanks to alumna Barbara Kellner ’49.

Kellner, who died in June 2013, bequeathed her house to Wheaton. An artist herself, she made an agreement for it to serve as an artist-in-residency space for faculty members for three years and then be sold, with the majority of proceeds going to Wheaton. The funds will be used to establish the Barbara Kellner ’49 Endowed Fund for the Performing Arts, which will support programming for students for many years to come.

So far, 12 faculty members have taken the opportunity to spend one to three weeks at the house delving into ongoing scholarly, teaching and curricular projects related to the arts and approved by Wheaton’s Committee on Faculty Scholarship.

They all agree that Kellner’s gift has provided two things every creative person craves—time and space to be inspired. [Read more...]