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Insight seeing

I’m wearing a mudcloth jacket made in Senegal.

As a first-generation college graduate from a family of modest means, I didn’t do much traveling outside of the state of Alabama, where I’m from, when I was in college.

Our “exotic” locations were within driving distance of my dad’s pickup truck and came with names like Chickasaw, Demopolis and Bayou La Batre. Studying abroad was not even a consideration for me at that time.

So the first time I went abroad was after I became a journalist and spent a couple of months writing travel stories. One of the places I went was Dakar, Senegal, in West Africa. I was curious about the native country of my boyfriend, now husband, who was born there. [Read more...]

About the cover photo

World flags hanging from ceiling of Balfour-Hood. (Keith Nordstrom)

What better way to illustrate the international connections we have at Wheaton than to showcase the flags that hang in Balfour-Hood Center? The 70-plus daily reminders are more than beautiful decorations. They represent the countries and heritage of our students. And the Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership Office makes sure they all get seen, by rotating the flags displayed several times a year.

About the flags in Balfour-Hood
The Student Activities Involvement and Leadership (SAIL) office is in charge of the flags. The flags are rotated based on the current history month (i.e. Sept-Oct: Hispanic Heritage, February: Black History, etc). SAIL coordinates with Global Education to represent the current students' countries at a given time. Here is the list of flags SAIL has:

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Gaining perspective

My selfie with the Unity Project

My selfie with the Unity Project

Several years ago, I had the honor of auditing a drawing class here at Wheaton. One of the most difficult assignments for me, even as an artist, was the perspective drawing.

At its core, the assignment requires students to keenly focus on the details of the subject matter directly in front of them and draw things as they really are versus how they seem to be. The goal is to capture the multiple dimensions.

It takes an exhausting amount of concentration and work. During the assignment, I wanted to rely on what I already knew about the subject in front of me rather than taking so much time to truly look at it and see it. I remember thinking that it would be so much easier to just draw from the imagination. But would that reflect the reality of what was before me? Not likely. [Read more...]

Road trip

Selfie Winter 2017As editor of the magazine, I don’t get to go on many field trips. So it was such a joy to venture into Boston with our photographer Keith Nordstrom last summer to do a photo shoot at the New England Aquarium. He took lots of photos of Wheaton students Linnea Mayfield ’17 and Rebecca Smith ’17, who were deep into experiencing the working world during internships on a whaling boat and in human resources. I focused on the very important business of taking a selfie with the seal that greets visitors as they approach the entrance of the aquarium.

Many other students worked in interesting jobs around the country, exploring opportunities ranging from helping to register voters to drafting a plan to keep drinking water safe. They all had much better internships than I had when I was in college—one of mine involved getting up at 5 a.m. to walk down to the basement in my dorm (half asleep in pajamas) to flip on the switch to start the broadcast feed of the local NPR station and then stretching out across the control board for a quick nap while waiting for a radio station staff member to show up at a decent hour to take over.

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