Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Remote control

Samuel Kottler ’15 Sophomore thrives as telecommuting software engineer 

Samuel Kottler ’15 fondly remembers his childhood days of sitting in his living room and carefully dissecting the television remote and piecing it back together—just for fun. Armed with the same passion for figuring out how things work, today he can be found working for one of America’s leading software companies.

Kottler is a software engineer for Red Hat, where he uses his knowledge of systems design to write automation software. The company is known as an international leader in open source software, a format that allows software to be freely and universally distributed over the Internet.

The sophomore’s interest in computer science began when he built a website for his father’s company when he was 12 years old. He learned Drupal, an open source content management system, and, as a ninth-grade student, he started a Drupal consulting company to help businesses manage their web content. Kottler’s paying clientele quickly grew from several small local businesses to about a dozen customers, including Chamber Music of America. [Read more...]

Students conserve centuries-old statues

Wheaton Blackamoor figuresJosephine Johnson ’13 and Lindsay Koso ’15 practice a craft that is most successful when its results are invisible. As art conservators in training, their job is to subtly conserve a piece of art to its original appearance—bringing it back to life without adding to or subtracting from it.

“It’s a funny field that way,” said Koso. “The work that you’re doing is not supposed to be acknowledged. People are not supposed to be able to tell.”

“If someone can tell, you’ve done the wrong thing,” added Johnson.

Continuing conservation efforts that first began in 2011, Johnson and Koso have been working together for months to conserve two Italian blackamoor figures that had stood for years in the Madeleine Clark Wallace Library.

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Basketball team’s goal is helping others

Basketball giving back

Norton Middle School eighth grade girls’ basketball team members cheer on Wheaton’s women’s basketball team before a game in Haas Athletic Center.

While winning is the aim in any competitive sport, the Wheaton women’s basketball team has earned a reputation for being just as dedicated to serving the local community as they are to dominating the court. Over the past several years, they have engaged in projects that range from food drives to coaching and mentoring.

“It has always been an integral part of our program,” said head coach Melissa Hodgdon. “I just feel that character is a big part of your growth as a student and a student-athlete. Giving back to the community is a big piece of that.”

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