Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Julie Bogen ’14

  • Glavin Family Scholarship
  • Community Scholar
  • Film and New Media Studies
  • Litchfield, Conn.

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Julie Bogen ’14
Judith Garcia ’13
Joseph Campbell ’14

Go Beyond, Campaign for Wheaton“A scholarship means an opportunity to get an education. It means an opportunity to get an internship. This summer I was able to work at a publication, helping out with their PR and press and writing articles for them.

Without the scholarship, it would not have been possible. I know I wouldn’t be able to be here without it. I wouldn’t be able to participate in extracurriculars without it, and I certainly wouldn’t have had access to the internship I had this summer without it.

Wheaton is a dream. This place is unlike any I’ve ever been. I’ve never been a part of such a welcoming, patient, supportive community—the professors, the students. Thank you, it’s really been perfect.”

Julie Bogen from Wheaton College on Vimeo.