Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Deborah Goddard

Strives for level ground. I have spearheaded and managed key initiatives, including the negotiation, drafting and passage of new housing preservation legislation, and the creation of a comprehensive fair housing and civil rights policy that is considered to be a national model.

Values preparation for the future. At Wheaton I created my own government/economics major/minor with an emphasis on urban affairs. I had hoped to work in public service, likely government, because I believed then, and still do, that government exists to foster and ensure a civil society for all of its members, and that public service is the most direct means of working towards a fair and just housing policy.

Knows the importance of support. Wheaton nurtured me, challenged me and helped me build confidence and leadership skills. My education was possible because of the financial aid I received. So I contribute to the Wheaton Fund because I owe the college so much and because I have great affection and respect for the school.