As of January 10, 2018, the US State Department released a new travel advisory system that replaced the former travel warning system. The new system provides tiered levels of advice ranging from Levels 1-4. Travel advisories at Levels 2-4 indicate risk indicators related to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, health, and natural disasters.

Wheaton employees must consult the travel advisory system to see how the country to which they are traveling is rated.

Wheaton has established the following new Travel Advisory Policy for faculty, staff and students proposing Wheaton-affiliated or sponsored travel:

  • Travel to a Level I advisory country requires no additional review.
  • Travel to a Level II advisory country requires the traveler to sign a waiver acknowledging their understanding of the rating, to be reviewed by the Center for Global Education.
  • Travel to a Level III advisory country requires the traveler to complete a petition to be reviewed by the Global Advisory Committee and the Risk Management Committee. If a traveler is approved to go to a Level III country, the individual will be required to complete a waiver.
  • Travel to a Level IV advisory country will not be considered.

The Center for Global Education must approve all applications to travel in countries assessed at Tier 2 and above. The Center retains the right to request information or deny any person permission to travel to a particular country if it is deemed unsafe or the employee is inadequately informed and or prepared. Tier 2 applicants may be required by the Center to complete the Tier 3 petition and have their program reviewed by the Global Advisory Committee and the Risk Management Committee.

In most cases Tier 2 countries will be approved however we want you to be aware that visitors to this country are advised to “exercise increased caution.” Again, it is the traveler’s responsibility to look into this further and determine their own comfort level.