Wheaton College is pleased to support electric charging of vehicles on campus through the installation of 20 charging stations in select student and faculty parking areas on campus. The stations were installed a number of years ago as part of the College’s commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.

Rates & Usage

The free use pilot program has concluded and reasonable use charges are being applied to cover the cost of the utility, and to promote green initiatives. The College has adopted the following rate and usage guidelines.

  • EV charging stations may be used at a rate of $.33 per kWh.
  • Parking at the EV charging station stalls is restricted to EV vehicles plugged in for charging.
  • We encourage members of the Wheaton community to charge only when needed, and to relocate their vehicles promptly once the charging is completed.
  • EV charging stations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do not guarantee that a charging station will be available for participants’ use. There may be instances in which an EV charging station space may be closed for maintenance, construction, or special lot closures without notice.
  • Users should gently allow the charging cord to retract back into the unit to keep the equipment in good working order, prevent unit damage, and avoid injury to users from trip hazards.
  • Users are subject to all other Wheaton College Parking Regulations.

Getting Started

All EV charging stations on the Wheaton campus are managed through AmpUp Mobile App. Users must have an account in order to use the charging stations on campus. Download the AmpUp – EV Charging app through the App Store or Google Play. (QR codes are posted on the charging stations.) For more information, visit the AmpUp website or call AmpUp at 833-692-6787.

Location of EV Chargers on Campus

  • Lot 1/1A (Across from Clark Recreation Center)
  • Lot 2 (Visitor Lot with entrances on E. Main St. and Elm St.)

Other Matters

  • By using EV charging stations, participants agree that Wheaton has no responsibility or liability for damage to vehicles, insufficient battery charging, or any other types of damages occasioned by, growing out of, or arising from the EV charging stations.
  • Wheaton reserves the right to change the pricing for usage of its EV charging stations.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be made pending the review and approval of the administration.
  • Individuals with additional questions should contact [email protected].

Thank you for your dedication to sustainability within the Wheaton community.