Wheaton College is committed to achieving equal educational opportunity and full participation for students with disabilities. It is the College’s policy that no qualified person be excluded from participating in any College program or activity, be denied the benefits of any Wheaton College program or activity, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination with any regard to any program or activity. Wheaton College will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations and appropriate support for otherwise qualified students with disabilities. Students requesting accommodations or seeking support services should notify Jerimiah Bergstrom, Director of Accessibility Services, at least one month prior to the start of classes for a given semester so that the College has sufficient time to evaluate and respond to the request.

Dolores Radlo, Dean of Academic Advising, in consultation with appropriate committees and staff, is charged with responsibility for reviewing appeals of College policies and practices on issues related to students with disabilities and the College’s efforts to provide reasonable accommodations and support.