Possible Outcome(s) for Violations of the Alcohol Policy

1st Incident
  • Formal Warning;
  • Alcohol Edu for Sanctions; and/or
  • Educational response
2nd Incident
  • Conduct Probation;
  • Alcohol Assessment; and/or
  • Educational response
3rd Incident
  • Conduct Probation;
  • Alcohol Assessment;
  • Educational response; and/or
  • Additional Restrictions
4th Incident
  • Removal from College housing;
  • Suspension from the College; and/or

**Parental/Guardian notification will be sent to the student’s permanent address when a student under the age of 21 is found responsible for the violation

**Repeat violations of Community Standards have a cumulative effect on potential outcomes.

**The above chart does not prescribe a specific progression of outcomes and may vary depending on the egregiousness of the violation(s).