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  • Alumna Artist Returns to Campus

    Artist Carol Crump Bryner returned to Wheaton in May 2017 for her 50th Class Reunion. A member of the Class of 1967, Carol has lived for many years in Anchorage, Alaska; but her art is also influenced by her travels around the world. Prior to her arrival on campus, she generously donated Three Doors. The painting was inspired […] More »
  • Lear Family Visit

    At the start of the Spring 2017 semester, Leah Niederstadt, Assistant Professor of Museum Studies & Curator of the Permanent Collection, purchased two boxes of items from Skinner Auction House. Lot #1325 in the Irresistible Unreserved online auction originally intrigued her because it had been identified as containing materials related to the Harlem Renaissance. (Objects related to African […] More »
  • Curating the Kilham Basket Collection

    Alivia Cross, Class of 2019, has worked as a Collection Assistant since her first semester on campus. A Theater & Dance studies Major (Technical/Design Track) with a minor in Psychology, Alivia also has a strong interest in the history of the Wheaton and of the Permanent Collection. This is due, in part, to her family’s friendship […] More »
  • Student-Curated Exhibition Opens in Beard Gallery

    On Thursday, 1 December 2016, the student-curated exhibition It's Elemental: Water opened in Wheaton's Beard Gallery. Curated, designed, and installed by the 13 students enrolled in ARTH 335: Exhibition Design, the show includes more than 75 objects from the college's Permanent Collection and the Marion B. Gebbie Archives & Special Collections, as well as several private […] More »
  • No Key Needed for This Campus Residence

    In the spring of 2012, Lucky Dallo Eisner ‘53 and her husband, Trustee Emeritus Edgar Eisner, donated Key Angel to Wheaton's Permanent Collection. Installed between Watson Fine Art and Mars Arts & Humanities in the Hood Courtyard, the sculpture has enhanced the campus environment, inspired studio art students, and allegedly served as a target in fruit throwing contests, which […] More »
  • Researching Wheaton's Japanese Print Collection

    Mandy Prue, Class of 2016, was hired as a Collection Assistant at the very start of her Wheaton career. Her interest in Japanese art and culture led Professor Leah Niederstadt, Curator of the Permanent Collection, to task Mandy with inventorying and cataloguing Wheaton's collection of Japanese prints, which includes 18th and 19th century ukiyo-e works of art as well […] More »
  • Congratulations, Lindsay!

    Lindsay Koso, Conservation Intern with the Permanent Collection, recently learned that she was one of two Wheaton seniors awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship. A double major in Art History and in Latin, Lindsay has worked for the collection since 2012. Initially, she collaborated with Josephine Johnson, Class of 2013, on the conservation of two Italian Blackamoor torchieres, […] More »
  • A Whaler's Life for Me: Interning at the New Bedford Whaling Museum

    Sarah Hartshorn Hilton, Class of 2016, spent the summer of 2013 as an Education Intern at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, supported by a Caroline Edwards Fellowship in the Wheaton Fellows Program. Sarah became interested in working in a museum through her experience as a student conservator on the work-study team for the Permanent Collection. […] More »
  • African Art at Wheaton College

    Wheaton's Permanent Collection contains fewer than 100 objects that have been identified as African. These include Egyptian Coptic textiles, Ethiopian Orthodox Christian art, an Islamic amulet, drawings by Kenyan artist James Muga, musical instruments from Burkina Faso, and Ghanaian woodcarving tools. In the past few years, endowed funds have enabled the college to acquire five […] More »
  • Bagpipes & Kilts: Researching a Scottish Cartoon Collection

    I began working for the Permanent Collection my very first semester at Wheaton and have since had the opportunity to assist with a variety of tasks ranging from cataloguing Italian prints to hanging artwork and from painting in the Beard & Weil Galleries to creating a mini-exhibition of new acquisitions of African art and material culture. […] More »