Richard Neal ’14 — the software life

Discovery Center - B243

Computer Science major Richard Neal (2014), software engineer at Microsoft, talks of life post-Wheaton and life in the high-tech fast lane. Richard will discuss topics such as What do you […]

Computer Science Senior Demos

Discovery Center - 1315 (csLab)

TUESDAY, April 24, 6-8pm, SC 1315 (csLab, first floor old science center) Stop by and check out computer science senior demonstrations of apps and products they've built. Get a senior-size […]


Wheaton Grad … Five Years Later

Discovery Center - 1315 (csLab)

Are you wondering what paths you might take after you leave Wheaton? (Yes, you will leave relatively soon). Do you ponder on what graduate school might be like? Or ask yourself, how will I find “a” first job, then another job, then another?