Unexpected and entertaining

Sleeping Weazel—the theater company launched three years ago by Wheaton professor Charlotte Meehan—is once again getting attention.

As Boston Globe reporter Terry Byrne wrote in a review of the company’s latest production, Badass: “Once again, Sleeping Weazel presents some of the most unexpected and entertaining evenings of theater in town.”

Badass, a collection of poetry and plays celebrating Women’s History Month, was on stage at the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre through March 14 and featured artist-performers Magdalena Gomez, Kate Snodgrass and Robbie McCauley. The pieces ranged in topic and tone but “share[d] the notion of identity and the ways we, and others, attach labels that are limiting and misleading,” according to the Globe article.

Meehan, an English professor and playwright-in-residence at Wheaton, founded Sleeping Weazel in January 2012 and serves as the company’s artistic director. From the beginning, she has worked closely with several former students, including Amanda Weir ’04, Rebecca Finkelstein ’05, Jessica Foster ’06 and Adara Meyers ’08, as well as Wheaton faculty such as Stephanie Burlington Daniels and Professor Clinton O’Dell.

Professor of English Charlotte Meehan
Professor of English Charlotte Meehan