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Wheaton’s promise to provide funding for at least one experiential learning opportunity for every graduate got a mention this month in an article posted on

In her piece on “5 Questions to Ask Career Services,” college admissions expert Cristiana Quinn recommends that prospective college students find out what percentage of a school’s students receives paid internships and how the school helps students make internship connections.

“At Wheaton College in Massachusetts, a new program is being launched that will guarantee each student up to $3,000 in grants for an unpaid internship,” Quinn writes, referring to the Wheaton Edge. “This relieves the financial burden placed on families to support students during an unpaid internship, or the tendency of companies to shy away from taking on interns because of budget restrictions.”

In addition to guaranteeing funding for each student before the start of their senior year, the Wheaton Edge promises personalized support in career pursuits from faculty and staff, including capable advisors at the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services.

Other questions Quinn suggests students ask at colleges they’re pursuing include what year career advising starts (the first year, at Wheaton), the ratio of career advisers to students, how many organizations interview on campus and whether there is a formal alumni career network.