Tapping into the artistry of computing

Austin McCarthy-Kelley ’18 blends artistry, computing into new major

Independent major: Computing and the arts

Resourceful: “I had specific areas of interest that I didn’t feel any particular existing major fully encompassed, but I knew that there were specific courses that fulfilled my interests. So I took advantage of the opportunity to create my own major. Computing and the arts examines the inner workings of computer systems and how they translate into visual aspects. I’m focusing on the potential visual, artistic and marketable applications of computing.”

Inspired: “I’m working on my capstone project this semester designing an alternate reality game, which excites me like nothing else I’ve ever done. I feel like I’m really breaking new ground as well as stretching all my skills to the limit.”

Ready: “This major allows me to challenge myself to think and create in new ways. I’m not sure what path my career will take, but I believe the skills offered by my independent major will help me pursue a career that interests and excites me, no matter what form that takes.”

Challenge accepted: “Creating your own major is challenging, but not crushing. It just takes a lot of hard work and preparation, as well as the ability to draw connections between seemingly disparate courses and fields of knowledge. My professors and Dean Steven Viveiros have been massively supportive; they’ve helped me every step of the way in both the process of creating the major and helping to focus my ideas in order to push forward.”

For more information about pursuing an independent major, please contact Academic Advising at 508-286-8215 or by emailing [email protected].

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