Take charge of the future

Paige Scott ’93Paige Scott ’93

  • Managing director, head of North American asset management, at Sheffield Haworth
  • Board member, 100 Women in Hedge Funds
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Leads the way: “Sheffield Haworth is a global financial services executive search firm, and I’m a ‘head hunter.’ I was based in the Boston office, which I opened for the company five years ago. Last summer I moved to San Francisco to open our West Coast office. After graduating from Wheaton in 1993 (not a great job market at that time), I and three other Wheaties drove cross-country from Boston to California to ‘seek our fortunes.’ After a short stint at a law firm, I landed in executive recruiting in 1994 and stayed with it. Wheaton prepared me to be adventurous and inquisitive.”

Values meaningful experience: “One of my professors in French literature was an amazing person, a great friend and supporter. I struggled with my French while at Wheaton. She came to my dorm room a few times, and over tea she encouraged me to apply to one of the most competitive junior year abroad programs in Paris. She wrote a letter of recommendation to the program directors that I am certain made all the difference to my getting in. It was wonderful to have such a supportive, kind and caring professor who really believed in me and wanted me to experience a life-changing year.”

Provides opportunity: “I contribute to the Wheaton Fund because I benefited from Wheaton financial aid and scholarships. Without the support of the college (and my parents), I would not have been able to attend such a terrific school. For me, giving to the Wheaton Fund is about paying it forward to the next generation.”