Spring back

It is the best of times and the worst of times: spring.

Well, it can be both of those things at once, if you’re not careful, says James Mancall, associate dean for academic advising.

“Students, particularly those in their first year who may be new to the college experience would do well to hit the ‘reset’ button when they return from spring break,” he says.

The college edition of USA Today turned to Dean Mancall to gather some advice for an article, titled “Persevering post-break in final push of semester.”

First thing to do, says Mancall: re-read the syllabus for each course and make a plan for tackling the assignments that will be coming due during the final eight to ten weeks of the semester.

“Maybe it’s a New England phenomenon, but as soon as the temperatures hit 80 degrees, students are tempted to hang out in the quad after class,” said Mancall. “I like to remind my students that there will be a lot of sunny days in the summer.”