Spring ahead


Let’s face it, unless you are lucky enough to live in a sunny, warm location, this has been a tough, (ice) dam winter. With this issue of the Quarterly, we happily cast our gaze toward spring and summer with the hopes that the snow will melt, along with all our bitter memories of shoveling. To get us in the giddy mood for the warmth coming our way, we present this intriguing archival photo of one of Wheaton’s spring traditions. College Archivist Zephorene Stickney tells us that this is a photo of the Atlanta’s Race, an extravaganza presented by students on May Day in 1930. The event included elaborate costumes, and college carpenters even built a stage that looked like the front of the Parthenon, including statues. Think about your time at Wheaton. Are there any spring traditions or happenings that were your favorites? We would like to know. Email us and tell us at [email protected]. And, if you have a photo of it, please share it.

Photo from the Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collections