Roger Freeman ’19

Winter internship: SoHo Photo Gallery
Award: Talanian Family Work & Learning Fellowship
Major: Studio art

An artist by nature: I have always been an artistic person and I love to create my own work. Since I am on the path to be a studio art major, I wanted to learn the ins and outs of running a gallery. I also have a strong interest in photography, so I chose to intern at SoHo Photo Gallery.This internship has helped me realize that there is nothing more important than being comfortable with yourself and your work.

Cataloguing creative works: Some of my duties were to help hang the upcoming January show, paint a wall in the office, create the buyer catalogue for the January show, interact with the artists and learn about their work, and assist at the opening reception. My biggest challenge during my time at the gallery was learning how to create the January buyer catalogue. I overcame this challenge by practicing using the templates and by getting feedback from the artists on how they thought the catalogue for their work looked.

Putting on a show: My favorite moment of the job was hanging the January show, and being at the opening reception. I met a lot of new artists and had the opportunity to talk to them about the different techniques they used to create their work, along with talking to them about their thought process for creating their work.

Valuable insights: The most valuable thing that I learned during my time at SoHo Photo Gallery was that I should always follow my passions and continue to do what I love, while creating art that I want to create. This internship has helped me realize that there is nothing more important than being comfortable with yourself and your work. For me, true happiness comes from knowing that the image I am portraying to the world is a true one.

Putting creativity to work: Recently I have been thinking about going for the dual degree program Wheaton has with Emerson in integrated marketing and communications [IMG]. I feel I could successfully bring my creativity and artistic talents to the world of IMG. This internship fits into this plan very well, because I got to work alongside working professionals and experience working in a professional environment.


Winter internships

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