Publications, honors and creative works: Faculty

Alex Bloom, professor of history, published the article “The Complicated Legacy of 1960s Conservatism” in Reviews in American History in December 2015.

Beverly Clark, professor of English, published the chapter “The Critical Reception of Little Women” in Critical Insights: Little Women (Salem Press, 2015).

John Collins, professor of physics, published the article “Non-radiative Processes in Crystals and in Nanocrystals” in ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology in January.

Michael Drout, professor of English, Mark LeBlanc, professor of computer science, and Jenni Lund, senior faculty technology liaison, were invited to present the joint lecture “Using Research Projects to Promote Information Fluency” on March 11 at the Council of Independent Colleges’ Information Fluency in the Disciplines: Workshop on English and American Language and Literature, in Louisville, Ky. In December 2015, Drout co-wrote with Rosetta Berger ’15 the article “A Reconsideration of the Relationship Between Víga-Glúms Saga and Reykdœla Saga: New Evidence from Lexomic Analysis” in the journal Viking and Medieval Scandinavia.

Tommasina Gabriele, professor of Italian studies, published Dacia Maraini’s Narratives of Survival: (Re)Constructed, (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2016).

Nancy Kendrick, professor of philosophy, presented “Berkeley, Astell, and Locke on Passive Obedience and the Social Contract” at the Locke Workshop at the City University of New York Graduate Center in April. The workshop was organized by Jessica Gordon-Roth ’04, assistant professor of philosophy at CUNY-Lehman College. Kendrick also became the president of the International Berkeley Society. She is the first woman to lead the society, which has nearly 200 members from 25 countries.

Charlotte Meehan, professor of English, has been selected to be the 2016 playwright laureate of the Roxbury Repertory Theater, which is located at Roxbury Community College in Boston.