Winter ’24 publications, honors and creative works

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Hope Bastian, assistant professor of anthropology, was awarded a Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation in September 2023. The highly competitive fellowship provides a stipend of up to $40,000 for nine months of full-time writing. The foundation awards a maximum of 20 of the fellowships annually worldwide.

Delvyn Case, professor of music, was quoted extensively in the article “How Lil Nas X Repurposes Christian Imagery in ‘J-Christ,’” published in Time magazine in January.

Geoffrey Collins, professor of geology, co-wrote with Ishaan Madan ’22, technical solutions engineer at Epic, the article “Characterizing phase transitions for Titan’s surface molecules: Implications for Dragonfly” published in Planetary and Space Science in December 2023. Madan was the lead author on the article, which is based on his senior thesis.

John Collins, professor of physics, co-wrote the article “A statistical model of thermal ionization of excited Ce ions in YAG” published in the Journal of Luminescence in February 2024.

Fatima Jebari, assistant professor of business and management, co-wrote the article “Product recall and CEO compensation: Evidence from the automobile industry” published in Finance Research Letters in June 2023.

Nancy Kendrick, professor of philosophy, and Jessica Gordon-Roth ’04 in December 2023 presented their recent collaborative work at a conference on Early Modern women philosophers held at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Their talk was titled “Astell as Cartesian: A Cautionary Tale.”  Gordon-Roth is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota.

Justin Schupp, associate professor of sociology, co-wrote the article “Hosting a Market Is Just the First Step: Exploring the Relationship Between Community Characteristics and Farmers Market Size” published in Environmental Justice in November 2023.


Cliften Bonner-Desravines ’13 (known as the hip-hop artist Cliff Notez) in May 2023 was featured on GBH Boston Public Radio talking about his music and the Boston music scene. He also performed.

Jessica Landau ’09, assistant instructional professor at the University of Chicago, wrote “Can Animals Own Copyright? Animal-Generated Photography from George Shiras to the Monkey Selfie” published in American Art and “Proximity, Wholeness, and Animality: The Case of Little Sorrel’s Repatriation” published in Curator: The Museum Journal in 2023.