My gift. My way.

Alison Grant Small ’66

  • Retired
  • Class agent for 15 years, Wheaton Board of Trustees member since 2006
  • Married to Peter Small for 45 years; mother of two, grandmother of four

“Peter and I are great proponents of a liberal arts education and have been fortunate to be able to donate funds to the college to support scholarships and capital improvements. It has been fun to meet and follow our scholarship students as well as see the changes on campus. We want to continue to contribute to Wheaton even after we are no longer here to see the results. We have made arrangements in our estate plans for that. I want our alma mater to be the very best that it can be. In order for Wheaton to be its very best, we all need to contribute in whatever way we can to make it happen—whether it be time or money or both. Peter and I feel so lucky to be able to do this now and in the future.”

Your gift. Your way.

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