My gift. My way.

Giovinella Gonthier ’72Giovinella Gonthier ’72

  • (1949–2012)
  • Former Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles to the United Nations and to the U.S.
  • Wheaton College honorary degree recipient, 1985
  • Beloved wife of Roger Wilson

Roger Wilson: “Many years ago I bought two whole-life insurance policies and designated my wife as the beneficiary in the event that I predeceased her. I have always felt that the benefits of these policies really belonged to her. Since she will not receive them, due to her passing away before me, I decided to donate the policies to Wheaton’s scholarship fund in her name. In a sense, Giovinella is passing on her benefits to other worthy Wheaton students. As a high school student from a relatively poor family in Tanzania in the 1960s, she was the first in her family to apply for a college education and the first to apply to a college in the United States. She was always very grateful that Wheaton accepted her application, awarded her a scholarship, and provided her with an excellent education. More importantly, since she could not afford to travel to Tanzania to visit her family during her four years at Wheaton, she appreciated the many welcoming members of the Wheaton community who took her in during holidays and vacations. In 2012 I established a scholarship fund in her honor that is to be used to pay for the Wheaton education of students born in Africa. It is my hope that the benefits of these life insurance policies can be used to enhance this scholarship fund.”

Your gift. Your way.

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