My gift. My way.

Candace Sanford '70

(Photo/Stew Milne)

Candace Davis Sanford ’70

  • Formerly a kindergarten and preschool teacher for 16 years, now retired
  • Calvary Church vestry and school volunteer, Stonington Garden Club member
  • Former Wheaton class secretary and president
  • Married to Tom Sanford for 46 years; mother of three, grandmother of three

“Coming from a small private secondary school for girls, I found Wheaton to be a perfect fit for me. The college was not overwhelmingly large but gave me enough room to expand my interests. Throughout my years, I benefited from the opportunity to get to know my professors and many of my classmates. When I arrived at Wheaton I was planning to major in French, but by sophomore year I was drawn to the Government Department. Although I ended up becoming a teacher of young children, my major in government taught me to question and think critically, which are important skills in any profession. I’ve included Wheaton in my will because I value what the college has to offer in preparing students to be creative contributors and leaders in this increasingly complex world. Students can design their own major across disciplines, learn in a close-knit community and participate in internships that prepare them for a career. My husband and I gain great satisfaction from knowing that we are helping to educate these future leaders by giving to our colleges.”

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