A minute with… Daniel Alexandre ’20

Daniel Alexandre ’20

Daniel Alexandre, a music major with a business and management minor, is the drummer in a campus band called dojob; the pianist for Voices United to Jam; a career peer advisor in the Filene Center; and a member of the Jazz Ensemble and the World Music Ensemble. This fall he plans to intern in the Office of Admission. He has clearly found his groove at Wheaton, successfully balancing his academics workload and a deep dive into extracurricular involvement.

Perfect timing: “I actually haven’t been playing drums very long. My principal instrument is piano but since being at Wheaton I’ve wanted to stretch myself musically and pick up a new instrument. I chose to play drums because I noticed that a few of the bands on campus were looking for dynamic drummers with good time, so I took it as a challenge to develop those skills.”

Great vibe: “I enjoy being involved on campus because it helps to foster community, and I really get a snapshot of the quality of people who go here. Wheaton is a real community that is constantly being shaped by passionate individuals who want to see equality and innovation in each of their respective departments. My experience at Wheaton has shown me that it isn’t comprised of halfhearted students; instead, everyone I run into here is motivated to make a notable impact both at Wheaton and in their lives outside of the college. That kind of drive motivates me to seriously consider how I can start building a legacy that will outlive me.”

Feeling upbeat: “My favorite drumming experience was when I played a live show at the Lyons Den last semester with dojob. I had never sang and played drums before but I wanted to push myself to do something new. There were times when I could hear the whole room singing along, and that gave me chills.”

Notable lesson: “I had a meeting with Dean [Jocelyn] Emerson once and we talked about time management and what a successful college student’s schedule actually looks like. She helped me configure my calendar in a way that allotted time for classes, for studying and for having fun. I think that was the best learning experience for me because it taught me how to systemize my college experience and really feel like I have a handle on my time here.”