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Nick Parson ’08

  • Communications coordinator,
  • Colorado Rockies (Major League Baseball)
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Plays important role:

“Primarily, I am a liaison between the outside world and our players, coaches and front-office personnel both in season and during the off-season. Additionally, I conduct research on the club that we publish in daily as well as annual formats for various internal and external purposes. I do a tremendous amount of work with the members of the media both at home and on the road, making sure that they have what they need from us in order to do their job well.”

Knows preparation is key:

“I was not involved with baseball at Wheaton; however, my academic work prepared me for an exceptionally fast-paced and demanding field that requires skills in critical thinking and interpersonal communication. As a double major in political science and African, African American studies, I spent many hours in classrooms debating ideas, listening to others, and learning about the world from my peers and professors. These experiences transfer directly to my work.”

Values team effort:

“I made some of the best friends I could ever ask for at Wheaton, and maintaining a connection with those people and the school itself is a way for me to stay grounded in a world that can sometimes feel like an illusion. I benefited from the contributions that alums made to the Wheaton Fund. So, I feel that it is everyone’s duty to support the school and be there for the current and future student body.”

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