Head of the Peacock reimagined

Tradition continues with safety protocols in place in Balfour Natatorium instead of pond

Like everything during the pandemic, the Head of the Peacock race was very different this year. However, like with everything else, the Wheaton community found a way to successfully meet yet another challenge with safety protocols in place. In its 30th year, the event in which students craft vessels to race across Peacock Pond took place in Balfour Natatorium. Student teams were provided box cutters, pencils, trash bags, duct tape and cardboard and given 30 minutes to build a boat to race. For safety, boats were about 20 feet apart from each other in the water. The name of the winning boat is perfect: UNsinkable by Claire Brady ’23 and Tyler Brosseau ’24. “With the traditional Head of the Peacock, students make their boats ahead of time; this year, it was fun to see the students construct the boats onsite,” said Judy Allen, assistant athletics director of recreation and fitness and race coordinator. “We did miss the crowd and cheering.” A new twist also was added this year. Alumni were invited to build their miniature versions as part of a contest. Read about the winners.