Graduates head into the world of work

Many seniors had jobs lined up even before they walked across the stage at Commencement. Here are just a few:

Patrick Crane 1Patrick Crane

Hometown: Vernon Rockville, Conn.

Major: Anthropology and psychology

Job: Local development officer for the English Lacrosse Association, Manchester, UK

Getting there: “I got this job through a Wheaton alum, John Croasdale ’13, who just finished the same job in Hitchin, UK, and Marianne Singer of the Filene Center was a huge help in developing my résumé and interview strategy. Her help was a huge part in my getting this position. However, I never would have been selected if it weren’t for the amazing résumé I was able to build through Wheaton as a student-athlete. Being able to handle the challenge of being a student athlete, preceptor, Wheaton Athletic Mentor and a double major made me a well-rounded candidate who could handle the rigors of the local development officer role while being in a foreign country. My experience writing a thesis in anthropology also prepared me for doing high-level work independently and will be invaluable in my new job.”

Looking forward: “I am looking forward to helping grow the game of lacrosse in England. I really want to be able to give back to the sport that gave so much to me at Wheaton and in my life. The ability to travel and work abroad is also a fantastic opportunity that I’m looking forward to.”

Molly Lane 14Mollie Lane

Hometown: Hanover, Mass.
Major: Sociology, with minor in business and management

Job: Meeting and events planner at the CM Group, Hingham, Mass.

Getting there: “After participating in various activities here at Wheaton and having a leadership role, I learned a lot about myself. As captain of my track team, secretary of the Wheaton Athletic Mentors, a member of the Wheatones, and being a part of class council as senior gift co-chair, I learned that I am very organized and detail-oriented. I like to be the planner in every setting and see things successfully get done in the most efficient way possible. I actively sought out event-planning opportunities and used various connections to receive an internship with the CM Group last summer. Fortunately, I then received a job offer.”

Looking forward: “I am very excited to start working with this young and growing company. I absolutely love the atmosphere in the office and it definitely feels like I am part of a team. I will have the opportunity to travel and see the world, which is something that is very important to me. I am extremely grateful for this amazing career to start.”

Mireille Claryce MedardMirelle Medard

Hometown: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Major: Computer science
Job: Associate software engineer at Amadeus North America, Waltham, Mass.

Getting there: “My Wheaton education played a big role in getting me this job because the position directly correlates to my major.”

Looking forward: “I am looking forward to applying what I have learned here, but more importantly, to increasing and enriching my knowledge of computing and becoming a seasoned software engineer.”

Tri NguyenTri Nguyen

Hometown: Danang, Vietnam

Major: Computer science and economics

Job: Application developer/software engineer at Demandware Inc., Burlington, Mass.

Getting there: “Professor Tom Armstrong and many friends in the Computer Science Department have encouraged me along the way in the application process, been there for me during times of failure, and shared with me times of success.”

Looking forward: “I will be creating a platform for big retailers to build their ecommerce solutions on top of. This is a big challenge in many ways—from the engineering to collaborating with other departments within the company. I am looking forward to the challenge and to building relationships with other members of the team.”

Katelyn SaylesKatelyn Sayles

Hometown: East Granby, Conn.

Major: Mathematics and economics, with a minor in Hispanic studies

Job: New business associate at Lincoln Financial Group in Hartford, Conn.

Getting there: “The Filene Center aided me greatly in preparing my resume as well as writing cover letters. Wheaton has made me a well-rounded individual with its strong liberal arts education. I have developed my leadership skills through my experiences here as well as social skills among my peers. It was very exciting interviewing for this position, especially when my interviewer was impressed that I attend such a prestigious school.”

Looking forward: “I am very excited to be going into a new environment and to be faced with new challenges. Having the opportunity to work at Lincoln Financial Group, a company where I can grow a career and excel, is what I can look forward to most. The work I will be doing will give me more knowledge toward how the business world works outside of the classroom.”

Ella Spencer

Ella SpencerHometown: New York City

Major: Film and new media studies, studio art minor

Job: Production assistant for Comedy Central’s Brand Creative Department, Comedy Central, New York City

Getting there: “The summer before my senior year, I was very lucky to land an internship in Comedy Central’s Brand Creative Department, and I absolutely loved every moment of my experience as an intern for the company. They brought me back over winter break as a freelance production assistant. After freelancing with them for a few weeks, I was offered a full-time production assistant position. My Wheaton education—particularly everything I’ve learned in the film and new media studies major—has given me invaluable knowledge of the industry I plan to enter after graduation. Each class I’ve taken has taught me something that I can take with me into the professional world, whether it be production skills, film history or new media expertise. And I’m so thankful to all of the wonderful professors I’ve had the pleasure of working with for preparing me for the next chapter of my life.”

Looking forward: “I can’t wait to work on set and get more production experience. Production work definitely isn’t easy; the days are long, and the work is labor-intensive, but it is so rewarding. I love the energy and fast-paced rhythm of set work, and I’m really looking forward to doing more of it.”