Finn Towle ’24 hones marketing skills in Boston

Finn Towle ’24
Finn Towle ’24, who is majoring in business and management with a concentration in marketing, promoted Boston Public Market as a summer intern. (Photo by Keith Nordstrom)

Finn Towle ’24 promoted one of New England’s most beloved downtown markets this summer as an intern at Boston Public Market.

The indoor, year-round marketplace features local vendors offering fresh produce, prepared meals, crafts and specialty items. Everything sold at the market is produced or originates in New England.

Towle successfully pursued the position after researching in-person, hands-on internships in the city.

“Two of their goals are to support small local New England businesses, which is something I really believe in, and to use sustainable practices for all the products that each vendor sells,” said Towle, who is majoring in business and management with a concentration in marketing.

During the three-month internship, Towle was engaged in various marketing and office projects—everything from creating flyers to helping vendors improve their social media presence.

“I was tasked with helping improve all the vendors’ social media by grading their socials. I made a rubric and I graded each vendor and recommended what they could do better,” he said. “I also worked on developing and conducting a customer survey. This allowed us to try and find our target market and to discover further information about customers.”

Towle said he especially enjoyed creating posters for a particular vendor at the farmers market.

“I had to do some research on the farm because they use a technique called regenerative agriculture, which focuses on building soil health, helping to restore ecological balance, rotation of grazing and crop interplanting. Once I made the posters, I got to deliver them to the actual farmer, which was a cool experience,” he said.

Towle said his professors and classes at Wheaton prepared him for this experience, especially Assistant Professor of Business and Management Sabrina Speights’s “Organizational Behavior” course.

“I hope to bring back all of the things I’ve learned about marketing, organizational operations, and management to Wheaton,” he said. “My long-term goal is securing a position in the field of marketing, hopefully something with data analytics. Most of all, I want to work with a company that believes in the same things I do, which is what I’ve found here at the Boston Public Market.”

Towle said the internship went so well that Boston Public Market offered him a part-time position, which he plans to take for the upcoming year.

Towle serves as the co-president of the Outdoors House, a communal living environment that aims to foster a profound appreciation for all things woodsy and wild.

—By Laura Pedulli

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