Featured artist

Painter Jonathan Ralston ’92 is a Featured Artist on ArtsyShark.com.

Painter Jonathan Ralston ’92 was recently a featured artist on ArtsyShark.com, a blog that highlights the stories and portfolios of various artists.

Ralston, who lives on Martha’s Vineyard, specializes in oil paintings of architecture, a subject matter he says “chose me.”

“I find endless fascination with the intersection of light, geometry and material (usually stone) that make up my subject matter,” Ralston says in the blog feature. “The strong sense of pattern has also remained constant. The way a series of columns, stairs, or arches will repeat across the canvas, all the while changing in scale and color captivates me.”

Ralston said he became interested in painting architecture while at Wheaton, where he based his senior project on “a mix of color theory and abstracted architecture.”

He was also featured in the 2012 book 100 Boston Painters by Chawky Frenn.