Far reaching goals

“The overarching goal of my work starts with the desire to introduce new ways of thinking to the youth I work with. I believe that education is a powerful tool for effecting positive change and that using what you know to take action on problems in your community can be transformative for both individuals and their communities. What I strive for is to teach people that using what they know and the resources they have, taking action can lead to creative solutions. Clearly, a secondary goal of what I do with my various projects is to connect people with each other who would otherwise never have that opportunity. The hundreds of people who have worked with me on these projects have probably been transformed as much or more than the people we teach in the programs. It’s amazing to watch the human connections form and what happens because of those. It’s clear to me that Wheaton has long been a school focused on impact. We have a unique set of characteristics that transforms the students who come here, and through those transformations we impact the world.”

—President Dennis M. Hanno

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