The 2017–2018 Wheatones had a bit of fun this spring recreating a photo taken by the Wheatones in 1961.

Pictured: Kate Constantine ’21, J.J. Johnson ’19, Shannon Sullivan ’20, Blythe Owen ’19, Charlotte Middleton ’18, Emma Jarvis ’21, Hope Netolicky ’21, Anna DeGregorio ’19, Samantha Chaves ’18, Ally Copenhaver ’19, Emily Toma ’19, Jennifer Elwell ’18 and Cassandra Kennie ’18. Go online to see who is in the archival photo.

1961 Wheatones

We asked Mark Armstrong, Wheaton College archivist and records manager, to help us identify the alums in the 1961 Wheatones photo that our 2017–2018 Wheatones re-created. He enlisted the help of a student worker, who found a photo of the group that was taken the same day in a different setting. The photo is in the Nike yearbook and lists the following: The photo is on page 116 of the 1962 Nike yearbook and lists the following: Margaret “Peggy” Raad Keyes ’62, Jenny Sommerhoff Haviland ’64, Phoebe Allman Allman ’62, Barbara Damutz Wetzel ’63, Judith Judy Sapadin Orlando ’64, Merle Miller Griffin ’62, Linda Anthony Verbeck ’62, Deborah “Debbie” Savitt First ’63, Lucy Butt Butsch ’62, Lee Hodgdon Paine ’63, Judy Houk Oliver ’64, Jane Reynolds Riggan ’63 and Linda Bertocci Nayar ’64.