Emma Garcelon ’18

Winter internship: Arthur Fink Photography
Award: Talanian Family Work and Learning Fellowship
Major: Studio art

Snapshot: “I chose to intern at Arthur Fink Photography because I wanted to work one-on-one with a local photographer who practiced fine art photography. I was looking for an out-of-the classroom experience where I would learn directly from the artist. I found that I connected with Mr. Fink’s work and could understand his artistic vision. He immediately asked me to look critically at his work, which was a little scary at first, but it fostered great conversations. I felt honored that Mr. Fink trusted me with the important and personal task of sorting through his photo archive, and in the process, I would be able to learn a great deal from him.” This internship has given me insight into the life of a professional photographer.

A sharper lens: “My job was sorting through Mr. Fink’s extensive photo archive—mostly dance, wedding, and travel photography—from the past 10 years and select photos that I thought successfully display his style and artistic vision. Mr. Fink is planning to update his website with a fresh, new look that demonstrates the breadth of his photography skills. The most valuable thing I learned was how to look at another’s work with a critical eye, which is extremely important as an art major. I began developing my critical, artistic eye during the critiques and conversations with peers and professors I have had so far in my art classes at Wheaton. This internship helped me identify photographs that show the subject through the artist’s eyes and that convey their artistic vision to the viewer. It has also helped me see the difference between images of art and ones that would work better as commercial photographs, for example, a dancer’s portrait or a photo of a wedding party. Also, I learned from Mr. Fink more about photography as a business. Gaining this insight is important if I plan on working for or running a photography business some day.”

Inspired by a vision: “My favorite moments were when I came across images that I felt a real connection with. When I see an image that makes me feel something, it is exciting and fills me with wonder. This is what I love about photography. I love finding images that surprise me, make me think, feel, and inspire me to create.”

Artist in the making: “I am passionate about art, and creating it makes me happy. Since I have been at Wheaton, my art classes, and the professors teaching them, require me to think in new ways. Art challenges me to question who I am, and to think about my place in the world. In addition, art is a very personal endeavor, which builds strong relationships between both peers and professors. It facilitates conversation between peers in and out of the classroom, and often leaves me thinking about my projects long after class has ended. Art is a part of who I am, and I am so excited to further develop and explore this.”

Career in focus: “I am hoping to pursue a career in photography. I am interested in using photography to aid in wildlife or environmental conservation efforts. I would also like to continue to develop as a fine art photographer, either on the side, or on a professional level. This internship has given me insight into the life of a professional photographer. I believe having experiences like this while in college is extremely important in preparing for after graduation. In addition to learning more about photography as a career option, I have made a connection with a photographer that may lead to other opportunities down the road.”

Winter internships

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