Emily Fischer

Emily Fischer

Assistant professor of mathematics

  • Bachelor of science in mathematics from Harvey Mudd College
  • Ph.D. in operations research and information engineering from Cornell University

Why I became an educator: “To pass along a love of learning and an appreciation for the uses of math in everyday life.”

What led me to my field: “I always enjoyed math, but in college I developed an interest in probability, randomness and modeling the unpredictable events in our world. Eventually this interest led me to operations research, a field of applied math that’s all about using math to make better decisions when faced with uncertainty.”

My current research focus: “My research focuses on network modeling and applications to epidemiology and the spread of information on social networks. I am currently thinking about how certain properties, like dense communities or network growth, affect the spread of information, signals and infectious disease throughout a network.”

Most important lesson I learned in college: “Ask for help. Failing, getting stuck and being confused are not signs of weakness. Find a friend or a professor that you feel comfortable coming to for help, and make sure to reach out when you need it.”

What I want every student to learn: “I want students to learn that everyone is capable of succeeding in mathematics. Being good or bad at math is not an inborn trait. Everyone can improve their math skills by persevering through the struggle and asking for help.”

What few people know about me: “I have a cat named Anise, after the spice star anise.”

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