Be the one they count on

Ruth "Hood" Swanton 1980Ruth “Hood” Swanton ’80

Biostatistician in the pharmaceutical industry

Owner of Ruth Swanton Consulting, LLC

Mentor, volunteer 

Wheaton Fund supporter

Knows what counts: “In 2008, after my husband, Dave, died and I was laid off from a biopharmaceutical company, I started my own business. I help researchers provide evidence that a drug (or device) is effective and safe during clinical trials. I also help develop protocols and conduct statistical analysis. By working for myself I can control my time and be more involved in my 9-year-old daughter’s life.”

Values support: “My life began a second time at Wheaton. I found my voice, learned to listen to myself  and follow my passion for research and creative writing, thanks to my professors. One of them pointed out that each of us has power through knowledge and that we need to use it.”

Believes in multiplying good: “When I went to Wheaton, I received a scholarship. Now, I am able to contribute to the education of the next generation through the Wheaton Fund. Each of us who has been able to find our passion and live a fruitful life needs to give back. It is important that we view ourselves as a small part of a larger whole.”

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