Boosting startups by expanding their reach

Omar Al-Mogahed ’18 interns at Mansfield Bio-Incubator

Supported by The Blakely Fetridge Bundy ’66 Work and Learning Fellowship
Major: International relations, business and management

Access to a startup world: “As an entrepreneur myself, I have always wanted to work in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Mansfield Bio-Incubator is a perfect place to do so because I am constantly interacting with entrepreneurs and getting a direct access to the startups’ world.”

A full slate: “My duties were evaluating and re-writing the existed marketing content of the firm and developing a new, well-rounded marketing plan, including social media marketing strategy. I also created a communication (loyalty) plan for sponsors, partners and supporters; took over content creation for all the firm’s social media accounts; and researched and identified new markets and contacted potential clients and partners.”

Expanding the reach: “I learned how to develop a well-rounded social media marketing plan. My manager was happy and impressed with it. Trying to balance the workload was a little challenging in the beginning. However, organizing my tasks and making a detailed schedule for every day helped with managing my responsibilities and meeting my deadlines.”

Prepared to succeed: “Last semester, I took a marketing class with Professor Kenneth Bray. One of the projects I did for the class was developing a marketing plan for a local restaurant in Norton (Village Pizza). That project and the class prepared me to take on a bigger role and create a marketing and social media marketing plan for a bigger firm.”

Long-term plans: “I recently finished applying for graduate schools in international policy and business. After I am done with my graduate studies, I plan to go back to Yemen and help rebuild my country. The current conflict in Yemen has had devastating consequences on Yemen and the Yemeni people. I plan to be working on the ground, leading development projects on conflict-resolution, national reconciliation, social entrepreneurship and political/economic development.”

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