Be in the picture.

Ann Getz Duncan ’69 

  • Professional photographer
  • Owner of Synergraphics, Boulder, Colo.
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Focuses on passion:

“I provide stock nature and travel photography, which involves shooting, licensing and selling images for calendars, greeting cards, postcards, websites and advertising. My subject matter includes primarily Colorado, my specialty, but also international travel, fine art, and environmental issues. I also do pro bono work with local environmental organizations.”

Values framework:

“I was an English major. Although studying Old English and Chaucer with Professor Briggs didn’t specifically prepare me for a career in photography, it did instill in me a desire to learn, plus a sense of purpose, patience and perseverance. I also acquired disciplined work habits—a must if you’re going to run your own business. The most important lesson I learned at Wheaton that I use every day is to accept challenges. I often doubted that I could properly complete a difficult assignment, but always ‘cowgirled up’ and eventually managed to do what I thought was impossible. In photography, there are always challenges, both aesthetic and technical.”

Sees the big picture:

“I support the Wheaton Fund because I so value education and its lifelong benefits. I feel that if you enjoyed school, made some friends, and received an excellent education, you have a civic duty to give back and support your institution.”


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