An effective approach

“While President Hanno taught the curriculum spelled out in his book, packing much content into five short days, I was particularly drawn to his pedagogy. He presented and explained concepts in the simplest, uncomplicated, straightforward way and called on the 120 students to chime in and give examples from their own lives and communities. He always explicitly commented on and then wove students’ personal views into the topic at hand and progressively and speedily moved the lecture forward. It seemed to me that each lecture turned into a dialogue where the students learned about leadership and entrepreneurship and we, President Hanno and the teacher-students, became acquainted with students’ personal values, academic interests, and concerns expressed about their own communities, including about Rwanda and Africa. Because President Hanno spoke to the students at the personal level, they were amazingly responsive, attentive and lively; they soaked up the lecture material. In a week, I witnessed how genuinely transformative learning can happen, in a cross-cultural context.”

—Professor Hyun Sook Kim

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