Alumni Board of Directors welcomes six new members

Elena Wong ’07, Alumni Trustee

West Coast director of admissions, Drew University

A supporter, from coast-to-coast: “Wheaton has shaped so much of my personal and professional life. From the friends I am fortunate to know to my profession, Wheaton has had a lasting impact on who I am today. I’m beyond thrilled to serve alongside other committed alums and to give back to a college that I cherish so dearly. As a native of San Francisco, Calif., I hope to connect with Wheaton alumni from around the globe, but especially from the West Coast.” 

Admissions expert: “Not only was I fortunate to attend Wheaton, but I was lucky enough to work in the Admissions Office from 2007 to 2012. I loved the college as a student, enjoyed getting to know it as a professional and I am thrilled to be back as an alumni trustee. I recently completed my master’s degree in enrollment management and policy and hope I can bring that knowledge and enthusiasm and share it with the Wheaton community.”

Cheri Hurtubise ’05, Nominating Committee Chair

Associate director, campus recruiting at Chewy

A passion for attracting talent: “Serving on the alumni board gives me the opportunity to give back to Wheaton in a way that blends my professional life and my love for the experiences and connections I nurtured on campus. In my career, I design strategies and build teams to support the hiring and growth of talent at my company. As nominating committee chair, I’ll have the unique opportunity to work with so many alumni and staff to do the same thing for Wheaton.”

An immediate connection: “Many of my most formative and long-standing friendships were built at Wheaton through my First-Year Seminar and by living in the Emerson Feminist Perspectives House. The environment in both that class and Emerson was one of open dialogue, inclusion, discussing ideas and debate. My first class with Professor Hyun Kim compelled me to change my major to women’s studies and my work-study job in the Admissions Office kick-started my career. The impacts Wheaton has had on my life are too many to count.”

Katie Wieland ’05

Chief executive officer, TalentED Advisors

Ready to serve: “Collaboration is the name of my game. More often than not, the first thing you’ll hear from me is ‘How can I help?’ Whether it’s connecting colleagues who might be able to form a great partnership or leading a listening tour to help gather facts and build buy-in, I’m always thinking about helping others and building collaborative networks. So please, don’t be shy, and let me know how I can help you.”    

Inclusivity in action: Truly understanding that equity and opportunity are synonymous is Wheaton’s legacy in my life, and for that, I owe Wheaton so much. An urban politics class with then-President Dale Marshall set my social justice fire ablaze. Today, my firm, TalentED Advisors, disrupts cycles in inequality through building diverse candidate pools and coaching that builds skills and leadership capacity, especially for people of color and women. As a board member, I hope to support our community in creating greater opportunities for representation across all volunteer roles and to help our graduates to find amazing opportunities in the workforce.”

Joshua Kelly ’17

Town administrator, Bolton, Conn.

A second home: “I joined the Wheaton community as a junior transfer student looking to completely change my course of study and finally find a place in my adult life that I could call home. Wheaton and its many faculty, staff members and students provided that to me, and more. Wheaton helped me build a career in an arena that has a visible and meaningful impact on the world and has given me lifelong friendships. I sought to join the Alumni Board of Directors so that I could start to give back to the school that gave me so much, and I’m honored to have been granted the opportunity.”

Tireless advocate: “When it comes to work, I am tireless and as transparent as possible in my thoughts and opinions. For so long as I am a member of the Alumni Board of Directors, I encourage all those who wish to share their thoughts with me about board activities to please not hesitate in reaching out to me directly. I firmly believe that the board can only succeed in its mission if its activities have support and understanding from the community-at-large.”

Katelyn Brewer ’07

President and CEO, Darkness to Light

Paying forward opportunity: “Each time I meet a fellow Wheatie, I am thrilled to exchange stories about Norton and campus life. I remembered how important job placement, career advice and networking were to me the first few years out of school and could not think of a worthier cause to invest in than the advancement of Wheaton’s recent graduates. I look forward to engaging with Wheaton alumni around the world and building an active and inclusive network.”

Addressing problems at the root: “I don’t believe in ‘cancel culture.’ I believe in systemic behavior change and addressing the social determinants of health. I approach most controversial topics with that foundational philosophy.”

Caitlin Grant ’09

Chief of staff, customer success, at PTC

A life-long influence: “My experience and education at Wheaton have had an indelible impact on my development—not only in my career but more importantly as a member of my community. It has instilled in me an open mind, an appreciation of challenging the status quo and reinforced the importance of listening while thinking critically and creatively. My hope is that as a member of the alumni board, I can help ensure that Wheaton continues to foster an environment that develops well-rounded individuals who can make a positive impact on the world around them.”

Tapping into opportunity: As a former Wheaton lacrosse player and study abroad participant, I appreciate the importance of having a well-rounded college experience and taking advantage of various opportunities to learn and develop. I’m really passionate about the importance of combining a liberal arts foundation with a business curriculum, and I’m excited about the opportunity the business and management degree provides current students.”