A minute with … the Lyon

The athletics department recently gave the Lyon mascot a makeover to correspond with a new logo and branding.

Looking good: “Hey, look at me, on the right (the old me is on the left, so 1996). Yes, yes, I did have a little ‘work’ done, a little nip-tuck around the eyes. I’m also taking good care of myself—resting (sleeping for days) and eating right (high protein, no carbs).”

Playing hard: “I get lots of exercise standing around at key athletic and campus events—from Homecoming to the Norton Halloween parade. You’d be surprised how much energy it takes to just smile and not talk.”

Getting pumped: “It’s all worth it when I interact with people and see the joy, excitement and enthusiasm I generate in the name of Wheaton, no matter the event. Go Lyons!”