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Mars Center for Science and Technology

Construction of the Mars Center for Science and Technology will be completed in the Summer of 2011.  The 99,000 square-foot construction and renovation project will be the new home for teaching and research activities related to Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Physics and Astronomy, and Mathematics and Computer Science. The Mars Center will include 12 teaching laboratories and 23 research laboratories, dedicated student research space and a variety of inviting spaces for individual and group student study activities.

Imaging Center for Undergraduate Collaboration

The Imaging Center for Undergraduate Collaboration (ICUC, or "I see, you see") is Wheaton College's state-of-the-art facility where students and faculty capture and analyze digital images of diverse subjects from single cells to whole star systems. The ICUC was established in 2002 by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF grant # 0126637) to support the innovative teaching and research with digital imaging occurring in all science disciplines at Wheaton.

Animal Facility

Wheaton College keeps a collection of animals including fish, birds, rodents, lizards, turtles, amphibians and invertebrates as a valuable resource for students and Faculty interested in the areas of animal behavior, psychology, biology and neuroscience. It is managed through a collaborative effort between staff & student Caretakers, and Faculty & student researchers.  Includes an observation room outfitted with one-way glass window, closed circuit video recording, and computer-aided video tracking, and extensive behavioral testing equipment (including Morris water maze, radial arm maze, open fields, T-maze, elevated plus maze).

Histology Resources

Wax-impregnation technologies and freezing microtomes and crystat; computer-aided image analysis.

Psychophysiological Recording/Manipulation

Stereotaxic instruments, Grass Instruments polygraph recorders, bioamplifiers, stimulators, and lesion-makers; B&K real-time oscilloscopes; MacLab system virtual oscilloscopes and electrophysiological recording instruments.

The list of available equipment continues to grow, as Wheaton successfully competes for grants for math and science equipment.

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