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Language courses

Language courses at the elementary and intermediate levels in Italian are offered on an intensive basis and are taught with an eclectic, functional five-skills approach. This integrated approach develops simultaneously all the fundamental skills: speaking, comprehension, reading, writing and cultural awareness.

Our language courses offer students an opportunity to acquire communication skills while developing an awareness and appreciation of Italian culture and civilization. These courses are designed for students in any field or major that benefits from the ability to communicate in Italian and knowledge of Italian literature, culture and civilization.

Before enrolling in a first Italian course at Wheaton, all students who have studied Italian must take the placement exam given by the department.

Elementary language courses

ITAS 101 Basic Italian
ITAS 102 Basic Italian
ITAS 150 Intermediate Italian

Advanced intermediate language courses

ITAS 200 Advanced Intermediate Italian
ITAS 220 Advanced Oral and Written Communication: Composition and Conversation

Civilization course

ITAS 260 Italian Civilization

Literature survey courses

ITAS 305 Infernos, Brothels and Courts
ITAS 306 Studies in Italian Literature II

Studies in literature or culture

ITAS 250 Love and Marriage
ITAS 320 Italian Cinema
ITAS 330 Modern Italian Theatre

Course in translation

ITAS 235 Italian Women Writers in Translation
ITAS 310 Fashion, Sex and the City

Special courses

ITAS 099 Selected Topics
ITAS 098 Experimental Courses
ITAS 198 Experimental Courses
ITAS 199 Selected Topics
ITAS 298 Experimental Courses
ITAS 299 Selected Topics
ITAS 398 Experimental Courses
ITAS 399 Selected Topics
ITAS 499 Independent Research
ITAS 500 Individual Research

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