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Major requirements

International Relations major

The major in international relations consists of 10 courses, plus competency at the intermediate level in a modern foreign language. The major includes five core courses, at least four courses in one geographical area concentration and at least one applied topics course. Each major's program should be carefully constructed with the coordinator. Students who plan to do graduate work in international relations should develop substantial proficiency in a foreign language. Students are also encouraged to develop the research and analytical skills appropriate for the major by taking either a research methods course in political science or history or an analysis course in economics. Students should take MATH 141 for their quantitative analysis requirement.

Core courses

Required of all students.
ECON 305 International Finance
or ECON 306 International Trade
(note that ECON 101 and ECON 102 are prerequisites)
POLS 109 International Politics
POLS 229 United States Foreign Policy
POLS 309 International Law and Organization
or POLS 339 Theories of International Relations
IR 402 Senior Seminar

Foreign language

Please note that international relations majors must complete an intermediate level in a modern foreign language.
For Example: FR 221, GER 202, ITAS 200, HISP 150, ARBC 201

Area concentrations

Each major must choose four courses in one of the following areas, including courses from at least two departments, at least one of which must be political science. With permission, students may substitute an appropriate course other than those listed.

Europe and Russia
HIST 113 History of Europe since 1700 CE
HIST 215 History of Russia
HIST 240 German History: 1648-Present
HIST 321 European Imperialism, 1757-1939
POLS 215 Contemporary European Governments and Politics
POLS 249 Russian Foreign Policy
POLS 255 Russian Politics
POLS 325 European Integration
POLS 335 National Identity in the Post-Soviet Space

ANTH 295 Peoples and Cultures of South Asia
POLS 209 Chinese Foreign Policy
POLS 223 Contemporary Chinese Politics
REL 212 Sacred Texts of Asia

Middle East/Africa/Latin America
ANTH 225 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH 235 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 245 Indigenous Movements of Latin America
HIST 143 Africans on Africa: A Survey
HIST 217 Mundo Brasileiro
HIST 219 Norte y Sur: Modern Spanish America
HIST 252 The Modern Middle East
POLS 203 African Politics
POLS 233 The Politics of Latin America
POLS 263 The Politics of the Middle East
POLS 273 Inter-American Relations
POLS 333 Popular Movements and Religious Sentiment in the Americas
REL 316 Islam: Faith and Practice

Applied topics courses

At least one of the following courses must be part of the major:
ANTH 210 Feast or Famine: The Ecology and Politics of Food
ANTH 240 Urban Anthropology
ANTH 250 Political Anthropology
ANTH 260 Gender and Development
ANTH 298/REL 298 The Anthropology of Islam
ANTH 333 Economic Anthropology
or ECON 332 Economic Development
ECON 233 Sweatshops in the World Economy
HIST 214 European Military History
POLS 309 International Law and Organization*
POLS 323 Comparative Political Development
POLS 339 Theories of International Relations*
POLS 379 International Security Policy
SOC 200 Social Movements
SOC 240 Conflict and Genocide
SOC 270 Immigration

-Or- Evaluated fieldwork experience (overseas internship program or relevant domestic experience).

* POLS 309 and POLS 339 may not be used as both core courses and applied courses. Each may count for either a core course or an applied course.

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