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Wheaton College
Institutional Research

About us

Vision Statement

The Wheaton College Office of Institutional Research aims to be a leader among liberal arts colleges in the use of big data to better support the recruitment, graduation, and academic success of students with clear, timely, and actionable information.

Core Values

  • Excellence in office operations
  • Integrity in research and statistical analysis
  • Collegiality in working relationships
  • Accountability to quality improvement
  • Confidentiality for appropriate faculty, student and staff information
  • Accountability to safeguard institutional data

Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) supports the realization of Wheaton College’s strategic vision through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information in support of assessment, enrollment management, planning and decision-making. In this capacity, IR assumes primary responsibility for analyzing and interpreting data about the quality, performance, and effectiveness  of the College.


  • Generating and disseminating data in a usable format while providing appropriate research and analytical support to assist college policymakers and planners in the college’s quest for continuous quality improvement.
  • Creating linkages between strategic planning, college goals and institutional data.
  • Providing internal consulting services to other departments of the college to elevate the standards and the utility of research initiatives undertaken elsewhere in the institution.
  • Producing research reports, which support localized objectives in concert with college- wide initiatives.
  • Reporting on the demographic and statistical profiles of the college, its faculty, students and staff.
  • Supporting college departments and programs with research to meet their information needs.
  • Responding to external requests from IPEDS, NCAA, and HEDS.

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