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Faculty Research

Faculty members, like students, undertake research projects.  Research forms the basis of our knowledge and enriches the history that we share in the classroom. Our research takes us all over the United States and the world.

Dana Polanichka's current research project examines how sacred space developed metaphorically, architecturally, and ritually in the Frankish world of the eighth and ninth centuries. Moreover, it seeks to understand how early medieval understandings of churches as sacred spaces helped to create religious, social and political communities in the Carolingian realm.

Anni Baker is studying the lives of U.S. Army wives between the Civil War and World War II.  Using letters, diaries and memoirs, she tells the story of these women as they followed their their husbands on the western plains during the Indian Wars era, and to Hawaii, Panama and the Philippines during the early twentieth century. This project will explore a new facet of the military's role in U.S. expansion.

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