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Major requirements

History major worksheet

The major program in history requires a minimum of 10 courses. These include:

Area of concentration

Five courses in an area of concentration: United States or Europe. At least two of these five courses must be at the 300 level or above. Students in the class of 2015 and beyond may propose a concentration in Asian history.

Outside the concentration

Three courses outside the area of concentration, one of which must be in each of the other two areas. The third course should normally be in Latin American, Caribbean or African history.

Junior colloquium

HIST 302 is required of all majors, and is normally taken during the junior year. Those on leave of absence (LOA) or approved study at another institution may, with instructor approval, take the course in the second semester of the sophomore year. All majors must take the course by the first semester of the senior year.


HIST 401 is a capstone course required of all majors, and is taken during the senior year. Students will normally take the course with an instructor in their concentration. Education minors and double majors may be allowed to take a seminar that is outside their concentration.

Additional information

No more than three 100-level courses shall be counted toward the major.

The department welcomes courses taken during a semester or year abroad, and will accept a maximum of three courses toward the major, including one outside the area of concentration.

History has a unique place in the Connections program. It can be connected with another course in any other discipline. In addition, the department encourages its students to take a variety of courses in other disciplines that are related to the study of history, whether or not they are part of an official Connection.

Guidelines have been established for interdepartmental major programs combining history with art, economics, political science, philosophy or religion. The department also participates in a number of other interdepartmental or combined major programs including African, African American, Diaspora Studies, American Studies, German, International Relations, Russian and Russian Studies, and Women's Studies.

History majors are eligible to pursue a high school teaching license through the Education department.

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