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Global Parenting

The Center for Global Education (CGE) staff recognizes the challenges and concerns that some parents/guardians may feel. While excited at the amazing opportunity that awaits your son/daughter, we also know that your anxiety may increase with distance; the further away your child travels from home, the more important it is for him/her to have support services, and for you to feel confident about that. So, what's a study abroad parent to know?

  • Communication - Establish open dialogue with your son/daughter about¬†his/her study abroad plans. Find out about the program logistics & requirements, content and background. Ask questions and be curious!
  • Education - Familiarize yourself with our Study Abroad Handbook and also with specific information about your son/daughter's program, as well as the academic and financial issues that involve study abroad. This will allow you to better prepare, assist and support your son/daughter so that his/her study abroad experience will be both positive and rewarding!
  • Encouragement - We do strive for students to be independent about their experience, but also provide solid support services before, during and after their study abroad experience so that they are prepared, educated and ready! Remind them of this support (Wheaton staff, web/printed resources, orientation meetings, etc.) that is available (and sometimes mandatory!)...the better prepared he/she is, the more assured you will be.

We look to each parent/guardian as an invested party and hope that you will utilize the Center web site and other resources as you begin to prepare along with your son or daughter. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact the Center for Global Education staff.

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